Reference Materials and QA

Training on RM use: CD-ROM (or download)

Training CD-ROM


Use of LRM in Quality Control:
Control Charts and Interlaboratory Testing

Training tool (CD-ROM, or download)

Leopoldo Cortez & Kees J.M. Kramer

Mermayde, Groet, Netherlands.
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Animated Training Tool for the 'Use of Laboratory Reference Materials'
CD-ROM (or download): teaching/learning/implementation.
Available in 18 European languages!

The use of Reference Materials in analytical laboratories is often hampered by a lack of clear and adequate instructions, easy-to-use statistical tools, and/or guidelines offered in the national language.

In order to improve dissemination on proper use of RMs, with support by the European Commission (Contracts G6MA-CT2000-02006, G6MA-CT2002-04011)
a package of training tools has been developed that addresses
the use of RMs for Control Charts as well as for Interlaboratory comparison studies.

This CD-ROM is a 'light' version, primarily intended for training purposes.
It is, however, fully operational for day-to-day use (Control Charts), for smaller data sets (interlaboratory comparison, up to 30 participants).

Control Chart drawing facility

Training is via two PowerPoint presentations. Exercises are made easy using spreadsheet files (Excel) for easy plotting and evaluation of data. Included are Case studies, with answers.
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This Training Tool is currently available in 18 languages:
Bulgarian, Czech, English, Estonian, French, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Maltese, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian and Spanish.

This 'light' (training) CD-ROM is available at a price of only € 49 (excluding shipment and VAT).
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Also available: «Tool4PT Pro», a professional program for evaluation of interlaboratory test (PT) evaluations, with extended functionalities in a spreadsheet (Excel) data presentation/calculation program (e.g. up to 200 data sets). See more or
download the «Tool4PT Pro» Leaflet and Order form.