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Tool4PT Pro

Tool4PT Pro

Leopoldo Cortez & Kees J.M. Kramer

Tool4PT Pro (new version 1.06.11d now available)

Evaluation of interlaboratory comparison tests
& Proficiency Testing (PT) schemes

Mermayde, Groet, Netherlands, © 2005-2021.
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Tool4PT in short

Classical approach chart

«Tool4PT Pro» is a professional tool for the evaluation of interlaboratory comparisons, operating in MS-Excel spreadsheets , with easy copy-paste entry of participant replicates. Handles up to 200 laboratories, for up to 10 replicates per participant.

Offers full statistical evaluation and reporting of results in tables as well as charts, which can be adapted to user demands using normal Excel operation. Assistance in the use of «Tool4PT Pro» is provided by 'Comments' (hover over a cell), and the worksheet 'Guidance'.

After initial screening of the datasets (min-median-max, replicates chart, frequency distribution), the definitions of reference value (XRef) and deviation unit (sRef) may be based on the 'Classical approach' (outlier testing and exclusion of results), by 'Robust approach' (by automated Winsorisation), or user defined. New: Additional functionality for Fit-for-Purpose definition of SRef (including homogeneity information).

Evaluation of laboratory results is then provided as Z-Scores and En-values (tables and charts). Templates are provided for preparation of automatically generated reports to clients.

«Tool4PT Pro» is compatible with ISO 5725, parts 1-6 (Statistical Methods for Quality Control), ISO 13528 (Statistical methods for use in proficiency testing by interlaboratory comparisons) and ISO Guide 43-1 (Proficiency testing by interlaboratory comparisons. Part 1: Development and operation of proficiency testing schemes).

«Tool4PT Pro» has been externally validated.

Operates under Windows 2000 and higher, including Windows 10, and requires MS Excel 2000 or higher.

Robust approach chart



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